Read/Write/Edit Database with a Dropdown Menue

Dear fellow bubblers!

I need some help. Maybe I have a design error or a fundamental misunderstanding of the concept, what you can do with a dropdown and a database:

I have a database with shops. These shops should have opening hours. It should be possible to edit these opening hours. My idea is to use a page with dropdown fields, which show the current data from the database. If something changes I change the opening hour in the corresponding dropdown (e.g. Monday_From or Monday_To) and click on the SAVE button, which starts a workflow. In the workflow all 14 dropdown fields are saved (so Monday_From till Sunday_To). So far so good.

If I select a time for every field and hit the Save button everything is written to the database correctly. Next time I call the page the correct data is shown in the dropdown fields (e.g. Monday_From shows “08:00” and so on).

Problem is, when I load data to the dropdown fields and no changes to the fields are made before hitting Save all fields in the database are overwritten with an empty entry.

Obviously the data which is loaded from the database and shown in the dropdown as current data is not used to overwrite the same field, but empty data is written back…

Do you have an idea what I can do?

Hope my question is understandable.

Thanks in advance for your time and help!

Question is clear but it also suggests there is something wrong with your setup. Probably you should share a bit what the button does and the dropdown properties a little bit.