Reading/scanning shipping labels?

Hey beautiful Bubblers.

Does anyone have any experience with an OCR or barcode reader that can be used in Bubble to read shipping labels? I’d rather just use a plugin (of course!) but am down for a functional and affordable API too.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t think barcode readers have much to do with bubble, they are more like a keyboard or a mouse in a sens that they function separately from the program you are running.
For example if you scan a bar code using a bar code reader while your browser’s search bar is clicked it will paste a n digit string to the search bar.

Im not sure my explaination is very clear so I can expand on our experience with barcode readers.

The feature we built is a search bar that work with bar code. When you scan a barcode using a bar code reader while the field is clicked it paste the barcode n digit caracters to the field then search for that code in our database and return the name of the product as a result.

See the video : Recordit: Record screencasts fast & free! with GIF Support!

I hope I understood your question correctly and this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the insight, Pierre. In this instance I would need a return of the text data on the label so I think an OCR service might be what I require. Not seeing a whole lot of options for shipping labels though.

Was curious if anyone used Textract or another OCR service to bring shipping label contents into their Bubble app.

There is a plugin that “eases” the use of the aws textract api… (it still is not so simple to use)

I decided to go with Azure that is much, much simpler… (ans benchmarks say it’s better at recognition). It’s a simple api call with an url to the file you want analyzed and you get a response containing the data as json.

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That seems to be the route to go. I appreciate your advice.

I found another OCR API with ML recommend by users here that seems to do the trick:

It’s not a plugin but if you are somewhat comfortable with bubbles API system then it should be an easy enough setup too

Hi @designers, perhaps you want to have a look at

Much easier now as you can “query” the document in natural language to get the data of your choice extracted.