Realtime Data Updates NOT WORKING!

Anyone else experiencing bugs with real time data updates being reflected on the front end right now for data updated in backend?


Yup! Not working for us either. Reporting to support now.


Same! Only “do search for” not updating repeating groups in real time for “certain” data created in backend workflows.

When I nest the new data under the page’s “thing”, and eliminate “do search for”, the repeating group updates properly.


Why do bubble push these updates late at night for them without any testing? The instability and issues of the platform are growing day by day. It is incredibly amateur for a company trying to focus on enterprise users with their new pricing.


I’m ok with them pushing the updates at night as long as they have staff standing by to address issues.

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Yes! I think Bubble’s “reactivity” is broken down @josh @emmanuel

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FYI… tagging Josh and Emmanuel isn’t really going to do anything. You should submit a bug report, if you haven’t done so already.


I have the issue in an RG: Auto Update Repeating Group?

I also noticed data in a group does not update until page is refreshed. Even with a do every 1 second refresh it keeps failing finding the data, but running a copy of the same page in parallel and hitting refresh will load the data.

On the backend when adding a new entry manually, the table won’t update until the page is refreshed. Hitting the refresh data a the bottom of the table won’t avail to anything.

(PS this bug has cause some major issue on our app, where a fee amount was not getting updated until the page was refreshed resulting in 0 or negative amounts).

Still seeing this behavior in our app. Everyone else?


Issue still present here

Yes still seeing issue. It is a joke, backend workflows shouldn’t cause this behavior. Even creating something in the database with a repeating group page open will not update. This is a massive issue for live apps / customers / trials / conversions / actually trying to make anything that anyone is happy with interacting with.


Everyone, please create bug reports if you haven’t already. That is the only way to pressure Bubble to get this fixed.

Appears resolved for me now. Back to normal behavior.

@lizzie @joshsutheran @data1 @miguel @jeffdbl @jacob13

Have you guys submitted bug reports concerning this?

Bubble support is not understanding the severity of the issue. Bug reports from more people is the only way to put pressure on to get this fixed.

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Thought I was going crazy.

It occurred only when my search had a filter (Thing = Group X’s Thing). Searches did not update for Search for X:count or for a repeating group (even when clearing the list so resetting the source of the repeating group).

I thought it was just some behaviour I didn’t know about so reworked the database to avoid having to do this search :man_facepalming:

Not for me by the way (tested just now, data doesn’t display until refreshing page)

I guess Bubble likes to develop and test in their production environment :upside_down_face:

Yes, submitted Bug + Support requests last night.

Received a message back from support today asking for app access, but since it’s working (for now), that’s where I left it.


Now fixed for me (no confirmation from support on that though).

Unfortunately not for me. I also wrote a report once. :frowning: