RG updating when Browser creates, but not when backend creates


So I’ve searched a few similar forum posts such as below but haven’t found an answer to my issue, hoping the community can help.

For testing, I have an ‘input changed’ workflow that creates a thing, it also fires an API workflow in the backend that creates another instance of the the same thing.
To differentiate, I label the two things “TEST Browser” and “TEST Backend” respectively.

I have an RG that lists these things - only the thing created in browser appears automatically, a page refresh is required to also show the thing created from the backend. Obvious big UX implications for the latter.

Backend thing creation is far preferable in my instance, as the input is updated rapidly via scan input. So my question would be: Do I reorg my app to switch to browser creation (slowing my app considerably) or submit this as a bug?


Same here, already opened an issue. @tj-bubble could you help us here again as you did in the thread?

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