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reCaptcha plugin doesn't update "is (not) checked" variables if expired

I’m using Bubble’s own ReCaptcha pluggin for google ReCaptcha V2. It works mostly fine, however I have an issue.

I check the ReCaptcha, I pass, the elements variable “is checked” becomes “yes”

I sit on the page for a period and the ReCaptcha expires, becoming unchecked.

The ReCaptcha’s element’s “is checked” variable does not become “no” in response to this.

Currently I’m using a workflow triggered by the condition “ReCaptchas Is Checked is yes” becoming true. The actions will unhide the “next” button blocking progress. I would love to have another workflow that triggers when the recaptcha becomes unchecked to hide the next button.

The element supporting the “value changed” workflow event would be great too.

Hey @sean.stach

Thanks for the post and interesting idea! How often are people passing the captcha but then sitting there and allowing it to expire? Definitely a unique situation.

I’d recommend submitting a feature request on our Ideaboard which allows you to post ideas and gives the opportunity for other users to vote on your ideas. Our product team reviews it often when mapping out what projects to take on next and this seems like it might be a helpful update to the plugin to help in those scenarios.

And of course, you’re welcome to reach out to us directly at [email protected] with any additional context or questions.

Thanks, Andrew. I’ve submitted this to the ideaboard.

Perfect @sean.stach Thanks for the update on this!

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