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Recaptcha not showing its checked

Hey guys,

im wondering if anyone knows how to check if recaptcha is checked? I’ve tried both conditions on the workflow and on the element (Sign up button) itself and its not showing that it is checked

It should work as a condition on the workflow. If you need help, generally speaking, it’s always better to show what you did. You’ll have much more answers that way.

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Yeah i will next time.

I tried what you have said and it didnt seem to work for me it only worked when i waited a long time or i clicked into another textbox.

I have just decided not to use it for now.

Cannot get ‘checked’ status returned from Google reCaptcha. I want to lock user in a popup until they pass the recaptcha test. When I couldn’t get that to work I tried doing a test in the index screen. After the captcha displays the green check mark, I click the show menu button but the captcha ‘checked’ status isn’t true. I cannot see the ‘checked’ status in the debugger so any help is appreciated.
BTW, Bubble is an impressive RAD tool.

see attached screen shots