Recaptcha state never reach "is checked"

Hi guys,

I am new to Bubble and yet almost done with my app. I’d like to secure it against bot, since it includes an anonymous form for non signed users.

i’ve installed Recaptcha successfully, however the condition “is checked” is never true despite the Recaptcha seemingly working.

Here is a screenshot:

At this point I guess “is checked” should be ok.

Ever encountered a similar issue? There seem to have been a post about this but without answer: Recaptcha not showing its checked - #4 by pmjenck

Have you created a reCAPTCHA account with Google and added the site key and secret key to the plugin?

Here’s the sign up link.

The reCAPTCHA type will be reCAPTCHA v2 > “I’m not a robot” Checkbox

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Yes, that’s why I get the green checked box, the issue seems to be in Bubble’s component state

That’s odd. I have no clue, sorry. Hopefully someone else can give you an answer.

You’re sure it’s not being blocked by an ad blocker or script blocker? They can sometimes mess things up.

No I don’t have an adblocker. Would’nt it block the check anyway? The issue seems to be in the connection between reCaptcha and Bubble, except if I really missed smth.

Just tested and works fine. Your reCaptcha settings should look similar to this (perhaps you configured v3 or something?):

Edit mode:

Run mode:

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(Additionally: You might wanna open the console in your browser and see if Google is reporting some kind of error. BUT, basically, the only thing that can go wrong here is if you configured the wrong service and entered the wrong keys. Configure a v2 Checkbox and use the keys for that.)

Thanks, I had missed the console error “Invalid reCAPTCHA client id: bTGTC” (probably a config issue or just because I am in dev).
Thanks a lot for trying to reproduce the issue, it helped me figuring whether the issue was in my app or not.

Edit: actually I don’t know how to solve this issue either it does not seem to depend on config
Edit2: on a new app it works but not on my app, even after reinstalling the plugin…

It’s quite annoying that it still shows a valid mark when it actually fails

Ok it eventually worked by removing the keys from the setting before uninstalling the plugin, and reinstalling it, don’t know what happend.