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Recover Data without link

HI !

I would like to retrieve data, which must be on the same line, but they have no direct link.
I explain :

I have two containers on the same page, both are of User type for example. When the user clicks on the red Name button, a user thing is created in the database.
I would like that when he clicks on the red email button celà adds his email to his line of data.
I tried modifying but I can not do it, I wanted to do with “Result of Step 1” but since these are two different buttons I do not have this option.

I can not do “Search for Current User = Name”, because in my case it is not a name, it is not an example address, and the person does not necessarily fill in for it.
Does anyone know how I can solve my problem ?

When you create the thing you could reference it on the page in a hidden element (use set state of an element) or wherever, the second button could then access the information allowing you to pull off the email address.

These basic concepts are covered in the videos on the documentation page. Worth watching to get up to speed on how Bubble works.

Create an empty container with just as datasource the fields that interest me from my database?

Nobody knows ??

Maybe your question/problem statement is not clear enough. I thought I had answered…

Have you been through the introduction videos on the Documentation pages, these cover the key concepts. From this you can try and understand your problem and possibly work it out. Then if you cannot solve it, come back with what you have built and share the link and and state the problem referencing real things and then you might get better assistance.