Recurring API WF that creates a new thing for a list of users


I have a list of users and I need to recommend them content items daily based on a few constraints.

The workflow searches the database for Content that was previously recommended to user but not completed by them:

  • Data type: Learning Content
  • Field: Recommended to user contains user
  • Field: Completed by user doesn’t contain user

The logic of the workflow looks like this (But can’t achieve the recurring event):
at 12 am everyday.
1- Search data base for all users
2- Search database for Content
3- Create a new thing (Data type: daily recommendation)

  • User: user
  • Recommendation add item content item from #1 item until #4 (only recommend 4 items)

A list of daily recommendations for each user.

I’ve been able to create the workflow for current user using a button. But can’t achieve for all users scheduled automatically every midnight.

Any idea how I can create a recurring API WF on a list of users and a list of content? I couldn’t find many use cases for scheduled recurring events in the forum