Recursive File-Tree-Like Structure

Afternoon bubblers,

I’m trying to create a UI similar to how bubble has their built-in “Elements Tree”, except slightly more complicated (multiple data types that interlink with each-other in an alternating pattern). I thought I had figured out a solution by creating a reusable element which has a repeating group with a reference to itself in each cell, but then I found out that bubble doesn’t allow nested reusable elements.

One “solution” would be to manually create the UI out until a max number of iterations. Honestly though, this sounds like a pain, and I don’t particularly want to put a cap on the depth of the tree (I could only imagine it going 10 or 20 deep max, but I don’t want users to run into the limit if I can avoid it).

Has anyone come up with a workaround for something like this? Or does anyone at the bubble team know how they accomplished the element tree UI?

Update: The above “solution” is incredibly slow (we’re talking 5-10 seconds to load after only 5 levels) and loads in an ugly fashion. And since the RGs are nested, I can’t access them to grab the “is loading” property to show loading screens.

Anyone have an ideas?

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