Red Saving... — I'm afraid of losing all my edits

I’ve been working away at a page, making a bunch of detailed & tedious changes when I noticed the red “Saving…” string at the top of the editor.

If I click the “Preview”, I get a version of the app from the beginning of my recent session.

I’m afraid to refresh the page—I don’t want to lose all my edits.

What can I do?!

  1. wait and hope it will say ‘saved’ at some point
  2. start memorizing all your edits

then either:

  1. sigh of relief when seeing ‘saved’
  2. curse and get back to work



After convincing myself that changes weren’t being saved, I opened another editor tab in my browser to that page I was editing, and did a lot of back-and-forth copy-pasta to recreate my work.

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