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Bubble Not Saving Any Changes

Is this a known issue or something?

Red Saving… been there for hours and i’m afraid to close the page after completing so many changes.

What is wrong?

I’m using Edge and everything was fine until now.

Can you email a link? Like this it is absolutely impossible to say anything.

I have sent an email to you with the editor although I’m not sure how it will help. Aren’t all changes saved in my browser cache or something?

I’ve just had to make the app public but it still says it’s Saving… I don’t think that I can do anything to push the changes or make any changes. Have tried different windows as well.

I get this every once in a while, but it usually doesn’t last for hours. Twenty minutes or so, tops. I haven’t been able to reproduce it reliably, I end up having to kill the browser, then reopen and rebuild what I did before the last save. Annoying for sure.

Ya I just did that… lost about 3 hours worth of work.

Yikes. I’m surprised it let you continue to make changes. Usually when I get the red saving issue, it won’t let me do anything else to the app. I click and stuff, but nothing happens. Sorry to hear :frowning:

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