Redirecting old page urls to new pages

Hi, we just converted a wordpress site to The old page urls had an ending slash (/). (old wp urls) (new bubble urls)
The site was built for us so we didn’t know the structure would be different. Google will see these as different pages so question is:

  • Can we change the new urls sitewide to have the trailing slash so there is continuity? The new page versions are indexed yet by Google.
  • Or, is there a plugin that will redirect the old urls to the new urls. Typically this may be done with htaccess but don’t know if that will work with Bubble?

Any ideas or the best way to handle this most appreciated!

Thank You,


Meant to say “The new page versions are not indexed yet by Google.”

If you’re using CloudFlare as your DNS, you should be able to set up a rule that rewrites your URL and removes the trailing slash. This would be set up as a 301 forward so over time, Google will realise and index the page without a trailing slash.

Seems like someone got something working with two rules.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the issue, but Bubble serves the same page content whether there’s a trailing slash or not.

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