Subdirectory redirect

So I have changed the name of one of my subdirectories ( to but I have previously sent out a bunch of of digital marketing material which links to page_a which no longer exists. I would like to redirect anyone who arrives at page_a to page_b. I know that I can just create an empty page and then in page load event, go to page_b but that is slow and page_a will load momentarily.

Is there a way to handle the redirect in a way that provides a better UX?

Depending on who you’re using for your DNS, you might be able to set up a wildcard redirect to achieve this - I’m with CloudFlare and currently use this functionality.

Not really sure there’s a better way to handle this within the confines of Bubble.

EDIT: The approach Sudsy outlined below works best if it really is just absolute /page_a to /page_b, for some reason I was also taking into account the possibility that the page had a data type and as a result there would be multiple URLs based off /page_a. All good!

Thanks for your response. I will do some research and determine if this is doable for me.

Hi @paul29,

Just go to SettingsSEO / metatags and scroll down…

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Perfect! Thanks so much