How to restrict application which open in Laptop only

I am facing an issue while i am preparing responsive UI of pages which I have developed through Bubble. Is there any way that I can restrict my end user that he can open my application in Laptop or desktop only and not able to open it in Mobile?

Had a similar situation recently.
I used the “Platform” plugin to see what kind of device they were on and showed a “This app can’t be used on mobile devices” if they were on a phone using a simple Conditional.

Thank you Anders for writing on this!!! By using this plug in was the issue resolved?

Yes, we resolved the issue until we could provide the users with a mobile friendly version a couple of weeks later.

Hey @ronak :wave:

There are a few different ways to do this. Plugins should work like @anders.eidergard1 said.

Another alternative could be this feature too:

If you choose a page to show when it is on a mobile device, you can have that page say something like, “Not available on mobile yet”. Or something like that. That way, any time someone tries to view it on a mobile device, Bubble automatically sends them to this page.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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If I’m correct, you can add a workflow at l’âge load, when current page width < 960 (or anything else), go to page

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Yes, that’s another way to do it too. All those ways should work. :blush:

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That’s what fun with Bubble, when you want something, you CAN !

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That works fine as well.
One thing to be aware of with this approach is that tablets are not considered mobile by the system.
Noticed that when doing my first version of having the app be available only on computer.

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