Reducing Friction for Sellers on a Marketplace App

Hi Bubblers,

I’ve built a couple of marketplace apps on Bubble and always use Stripe to handle all the payment processing. One of the big issues that I’ve noticed is that setting up a seller account requires some sensitive info, like social security number, and people are understandably hesitant to give that. This causes a large drop-off of potential sellers on the app. I’m hoping some of you could give advice on how you’ve handled this point of friction for sellers or worked around it?


Have you looked into stripe’s express account setup?

I don’t think so? Would it work for an entire marketplace-style app with fund disbursement between a buyer, seller, and third party?

You should not ask for the social security but for their identity and use an external API to read the id and secure it without ever uploading that data to your own app.

It doesn’t actually get uploaded to my app as data at any point, it is going direct to Stripe via the plugin. Is that what you mean? Or have you found a way to create a seller in Stripe and disburse funds without collecting their SS number directly?

Yeah. I’m building a solution using it now. It’s a beast.

Stripe (Connect) can handle this off-site. It’s the complete solution and a new version of stripe.