"Refer to same element" error, but it works. Help

Hey everyone, I have an interesting issue. See screenshot attached.

My Issues to fix is showing an issue, that is not an issue. What I mean is: It’s saying I can’t do this, but I’m doing it, everything is blue, and it works perfect. It’s working and not blue, so how can I clear this issue, so I can publish?

Thanks everyone!

I you sure it’s working? The data source doesn’t really make sense (hence the error)… although I can understand why it might still work…

By the way, there are much better ways to do dynamic sorting…

Hey Adam, thanks for the response.

Here is a quick video of it working: Video

The Condition says, if drowdown changes, sort this list by either highest dollar amount, newest, or oldest.

What do you see that doesn’t make sense? I’m asking because I know you know more than me :grin:.

Also, how would you do this better? I use an external backend: Xano.

Thanks Adam!

The datasource is referring to itself - which doesn’t make any sense (although it does seems to work, which is somewhat surprising, but I guess it works only because the data was loaded as the original datasource, so it’s already there on the page)… in any case, it’s not logical, even if it works (referring to the actual original datasource would make more sense even though, as the data is already loaded onto the page, it amounts to the same thing).

Also, how would you do this better?

I like to use an Option Set for dynamic sorting.

That way you don’t need to use any conditions anywhere - just include the field names as attributes on the Option Set (and a yes/no value for descending), have a dropdown for your Sort Options, set the sort to ‘Change Which Field’, and set that value to the Dropdown’s Value. Much cleaner and simpler (plus easier to change in the future if needed).

Great info Adam. I solved it by using the parent groups list, instead of this list. I’ll keep your suggestions in mind moving forward. Thanks!

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