Referecing RG's from a nested RG and using URL parameters - I'm stuck

Hi Crew,

I hope someone can poin me in a direction here, I’m doing the bootcamp, exercise two. The app is called ToyFinder (search for toys)

I have set up a tabbing system to go from all posts to my posts to tags, (taking guidance from Matt’s videos) my issue is on the tags tab. I set up URL parameters (Called “tab”) to show/hide groups based on the tabs selected.

When I select Tags, I have a list of all tags show. then I want to be able to click on that tag and display only the toys with that tag. I tried nesting the toys within the Tag RG cell then trying to show hide it with another set of URL parameters (Called “expand”) but that doesnt seem to work. I tried to reference the Tag RG or cell from another RG for toys that hold the Tag’s tag but that doesnt seem to work. I tired setting up a new page called tags thats designed to take the user to a separate page that would have the selected tag title and a list of toys associated with that title …. again I dont seem to be able to get the data stucture/ expressions correct.

NOTE I am using option sets for the tags… This might be making things more difficult??

I feel that I should be able to make the app work with any of the solutions I have tried above.

Any ideas or help would be great, links to artcles or videos that address this type of issue or similar.