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Reference Parent Element is Broken

Noticed a couple of days ago, that elements referencing the parent group’s element was not working properly. Today, auto binding to the parent groups element has started having issues and a large number of input fields in our apps are no longer functioning correctly. Searches, conditional rules, and more are also having issues.
Is anyone else noticing or experiencing similar issues? Any ideas?


I am have the same issues.

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I have the same problem. Today around 5pm, all my reusable elements using an “object” field in the database doesn’t seems to work anymore.

I thought it was the “new responsive engine” but now that you mention the reference parent, it is probably the problem. All my data is correctly present in the database, I can create a new page with this data and everything works fine, but every reusable element doesn’t seems to load the information.

I filled a bug report on this, since my website is completely broken now…

We found it is more common in reusable elements and anywhere it points to a Parent Groups Thing to include Autobinding…

We also filed a bug and are completely broken as well.

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Same issue, and now I’m wondering if it’s related to this issue that I noticed yesterday about being able to select reusable elements in the editor:

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I have the same issue.
Bubble team, I love your product, but letting this kind of issue to happen is unacceptable. At least, some testing should be done before all the buggy changes are deployed and affect our live sites.
Please fix this issue ASAP and also fix your development procedure so that things like this won’t happen again.


I think I am having a somewhat related issue which I have posted here: Repeating group not showing up (due to bug by recent release?)

This post makes me confident that it got broken due to recent release of Bubble.

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Update : The problem should be fixed now.