Refresh dynamic text values without refreshing page

Hi. I am creating a drinking app where I want my (Search for) text elements (player name & question) to refresh once the Next button is clicked.

I do not wish to refresh the page to reduce loading time.

I am new to bubble and would really appreciate it if you could explain how to go about this issue step-by-step :slight_smile:



You can try using workflow or conditional. It will depend what exactly you want to do.


Hey @amunizbrr2 I have 2 data fields - Player Names (contains a list of static player names) & Just Mets (Contains a list of questions).
On the screenshot shared above, I have used 2 text fields.
The first one searches for a random item from the Player Name list.
The second text field searches for a random item from the Just Met list.
My ideal implementation: When the user clicks on the ‘Next’ button, I want to refresh both the text elements so that the player name & question change.
I do not see any option in the workflow tab to trigger this action except for the refresh page action (which I do not want to implement as it takes time to load).
Could you please help me step by step through this process?

I really appreciate it.


Hi there, @bhavnanahata98… one way to do what you described is to use custom states. Looking at just the player names, here is what you would do.

  • Add a custom state somewhere (I would probably add it on the page) that has a state type of your player data type, and make the custom state a list.

  • Put the text box that displays the player’s name inside a group.

  • Set the data source of the group to be the custom state’s value, and add the :random item operator to the end of the expression.

  • Set the text box’s expression to the parent group’s player’s name.

  • Add a Page is loaded workflow event to the page, and add an action to the event that sets the custom state’s value to a search for players (with no constraints) when the page is loaded.

  • Finally, add a workflow event when the Next button is clicked and add the Display data action to the event, with the data to display being custom state’s value with the :random item operator at the end of the expression.

Hope this helps.


P.S. You mentioned you are new to Bubble, and I happened to notice that in the only other post you have made so far, you asked the person to make a video for you that walks you through a description they wrote up like the one I wrote up above. So, no offense here, but if you are going to ask me to make a video for you, sorry, I’m not going to do that. If you don’t understand what I have written above, I suggest you take a big ol’ step back and gain a solid understanding of the basics of Bubble before you dive deep into building something. Asking one-off questions in the forum (and asking folks to give you step-by-step instructions and/or videos) simply isn’t a good way to approach this platform, and it won’t pay off in the long run because you will still have no idea how to use the platform. My apologies if all of that comes off a bit preachy… I am just trying to be helpful, and I wish you the best of luck on your Bubble journey.


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