Refresh repeating group list after save

I have a page that has an input box and a save button… this obviously puts the data into my database using the sql query plugin… underneath I have a repeating group that displays a select from another query of the data… These are tasks… The problem is that when I save the task, it does not immediately show up in the list below. If I start the preview over, it is there, but I need it to appear in the list as soon as I save it… How is this done?

I’m not sure how your lower repeating group is being populated, but there are a couple of options with your workflow that you could try:

a.) add another step in your “save” button workflow and try: Element Actions > Repeating Group > Clear List. This will reset the repeating group to what the parent group is set to.

b.) add another step: Navigation > Refresh the page.
I usually only use this as a last resort… clearing / resetting the specific list is generally preferred for me.

Hope this helps,

Thank you but neither of them worked for me… The input and save button kicks off a sql query which adds the record… The repeating group below uses a select query which displays all tasks related to the current user id… The add works perfect but after the add takes place the repeating group does not refresh and show that record… I have placed a refresh list button and have done what you have said as far as clearing repeating group list but that does not change anything. If I refresh page, it takes me back to my original index page, the problem is I am only using one page for everything, so this doesn’t work as needed.

Sorry those suggestions didn’t work. It sounds like you are using an external mySQL or similar database and connecting to that for both the insert (top) and select (bottom) sections?

If so, you could add a custom event to run the SQL select statement and display in the bottom repeating group. Then, on the same workflow as your “save” button, your next step would be to trigger this custom event. That would reload the bottom section.

Ok… I created a custom event called TaskRefresh which runs the TaskGet sql command and then displays data in group… but then in my Save Task button workflow, I add Trigger TaskRefresh, it asks for Workflow Thing… not sure what is suppose to go here exactly?

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