Stripe Platform method, I'm lost :(

Hi Bubblers,

A quick question about how to handle transaction model in a platform.

Basically, I want to use this method for my stripe system :

Especially, I want to have access to the charge id in order to create a refund in case there is a need to.

If I use to simplest model (The Bubble action Charge a user), the charge is directly handled by the connected account and I don’t have any access to it. As a consequence, I can not cancel/change a charge.

So I would like that the platform handle the charge as an intermediary. As explained in the link above.

I’m kind of lost betwen the different actions of the Stripe and Stripe.js plugin…If anyone can help me to figure out what would be the workflow to achieve this!
Maybe @copilot?
Thanks a lot!

Hey @mattmazzega,

As a principle, Stripe.js is meant to be a native implementation of Stripe without any consolidation of requests. Seller calls offered by Stripe.js are intended to provide you as much control as the platform over the Connected Account. Direct Charges, which power our Seller calls, create a separation between your platform and your sellers yet still provide you with features including customers, cards, charges, subscriptions, refunds and more.

Majority of Stripe.js’ features were implemented on a sponsorship-basis so if you find something in the Stripe API that you’d like integrated, just give us a shout at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there. :slight_smile:

Thanks @copilot for the clarification. I’ve ended up creating my own API calls to handle the process in two times . Charge the user from the platform and then transfer a part to the seller later. It allows me to handle any posible refund in the middle.

Sounds like a plan. :slight_smile:

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