Relating things created with "API Workflow on List of Things" with original entry

I’m creating a list of things with the “API Workflow on List of Things” action.

I want each newly created thing to be related back to the thing of the original list.

And vice versa

How would i do that?

Send the original Thing as a parameter to the API workflow. I’m going to talk in examples now:

Original Thing = Project
List of Things being created = Assignments

Let’s say for each Team Member, you create a new Assignment under a Project. So you schedule an API Workflow on a List of Team Members. The workflow is set up to create an Assignment.

Send each Team Member as a parameter ("This Team Member) and Project as a parameter to the API endpoint.

Step 1. Create Assignment:

  • Title = text
  • Team Member = team member parameter value
  • Project = Project parameter value

Step 2. Make a change to Project (parameter)

  • Assignments (list field of Assignment Things) add result of step 1

Now, each Assignment has a Project saved to its Project field and each Project has an updated list of Assignments every time a new assignment is created.

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Is step 2 done as another action on the API Workflow, or an an action back on the original workflow on the page?

If on the original page, how does the it know the list-result of the API Workflow?

This is the second step in the API workflow. It’s referring the result of the Create Assignment step. So, in step 2, you’re updating the project. List of assignments will add the result of the previous step (a new assignment).

This endpoint will run multiple times, so every time an assignment is created, the project gets updated.

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