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[RELEASED / FREE] Emoji One Area Picker and Converter

Can you send me a PM with screenshot of the issue with multiline and the setting for the clear emoji picker action?
I will do test on my side too to see if I can replicate.

Hey, thank you for such a fabulous app! I’m using it to create a Notion type wiki where people can pick an emoji for each entry - which means I need to limit the input to a single character. In the input, even if I select “Limit the number of characters” it doesn’t seem to limit it to just one emoji. Any tips?

Actually, the plugin replace the original input element (hide it) by another one. The limit of characters is not applied.

I will try to see if I can get something for your use case

That’s very kind, thank you :slight_smile: Such a great plugin, really appreciate you making it!

Hi Jici!

Yet another great plugin buddy thanks!!
Is there any way not to force the input to take the design defaulted by the plugin?

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Not actually. The library replace the original input by a content editable div.
I’m looking for a different library to replace this one by a better option but there’s not a lot available actually. I may consider reviewing totally the plugin to make it work differently and probably with existing RTE that Bubble have.

Looks great and nice job making an awesome plugin! Is there a summary sheet for getting started?

Also, the display appears behind the next RG items. I’m toying around with bring elements to the front. Anyone have any suggestions?

Screen Shot 2021-12-18 at 6.47.56 PM


Hi! Is the first group over the second group that is also over the third group?
There’s no guide actually (working on that for all my plugins) but if you have any question, don’t hesitate to reach me in private message

Thanks, @Jici . This is in a RG. I’ve tried every combination of bringing to front or back and nothing seems to change. I’ll send you a short video of it in the morning. Thanks for the help.


Did you set the RG Attribute ID? This is needed if you use it in a RG

Ah, I missed that piece. Yes, it now brings it to the front of the RG and pushes the next items down to show the focus group. Is that the intended response?

Also, this RG was using its’ ID attribute for the plugin Draggable elements. Now the order of drag and drop does work save properly when referencing the same RG again to the emoji plugin. This is related to bubble functionality and/or that plugin, but do you know if it’s possible to utilize the same ID attribute across multiple plugins?

Yes. This is the intended behavior.
You can use the same Attribute ID. I don’t think it will cause any issue.

If you wouldn’t mind taking a look, I sent a DM to you with a link to a short video of how the plugins are interacting together. Appreciate the support

Hi @Jici ! Thank you for this! Very simple and useful.

One problem I’m having… I’ve added this to a multiline input in a popup, and it’s moving the field to the top of the group, no matter what I do:

I’m using the new responsive editor, which I’m assuming has something to do with it? Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

Hi! Where did you put the Emoji element? I suggest that you put it in a group with the multiline. I will do test with the new responsive engine

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Yup that worked. Thanks!

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Hey Jici

Great plugin! I managed to get everything working on my app. But I’ve noticed on a normal input box that I can’t press enter to submit the value anymore. I’ve tested it and it’s definitely the plugin breaking it. Just wondering do you know anyway to fix this?


Hi @jay11 . You mean another input not linked to the Emoji picker?

No I mean the input that emojiOA is linked to. Maybe it’s cause of my setup, I have in my workflow that my new messages value = emojiOA’s value. This works to save the value, but now it won’t register enter cause it’s not actually the input value. That’s at least my understanding.

Can you set your app in Public View Mode and share editor link with me in PM?