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RELEASED - New Plugin - Wordcloud

You can use a WF that trigger on Input value is changed (multiline) and regenerate it. User will not have to click anything to regenerate the Cloud.

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If that’s the way you suggested it didn’t work …
the input updates but does not update the cloud

I’ve tested without issue. But don’t forget that in Bubble, you need to blur field to trigger the WF.
If you want something on keystroke, look at Plugin library for a plugin that trigger a WF on keystroke like this one:

Yes, I understand, thank you, but then I still need to click outside the input to update the cloud or activate the WF that regenerates the cloud, in which case I want to generate the cloud automatically without needing this type of interaction.

I don’t know if I managed to make it very clear.

Like I said, The Native Bubble trigger will work when user Blur input (click outside) . The only way to do while user is typing, is to install a plugin like the one in my previous message

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I got it, thanks

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Hey guys, sorry to reply on this post. I just can´t see how to create a new one …
Just bought this plugin.
I am having an issue. I am trying to use WordCloud inside a popup (already tried Floating Group and Group Focus too) to select/filter users, but when I HIDE this popup, the application chashes.

When I use inside a group on page, everything goes ok, but if I try to HIDE this group, it crashes again.

In other words, the App crashes every time I try to HIDE the container where it is inside.

While I am writing this, I´ve made another test on an old responsivity page and everything goes ok. I guess the issue occurs only in the NEW BUBBLE RESPONSIVITY ENGINE :persevere:

Please any ideas?

Hi!. Thanks to let me know. It may be related to new responsive engine. I got two tickets related to show and hide the cloud and it may be the missing information that I didnt have to replicate. Let me do a few tests this week and find how we can fix that.

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I confirm that there’s an issue actually with the new responsive engine that make the app crash when wordcloud is hidden after a first load. Will talk to Bubble to see if there’s an issue on their side that can be related to popup and will check if I can find a workaround on my side too.


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Thanks :muscle:t4::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:

Awesome app! bought it yesterday. Is there a way to access the list of words that is generated? My use case is that I want a User to be able to click a number of words in the cloud and for them to appear in a Multi dropdown. My thought process is that if I can set the source of the Multi dropdown to the list of words generated by the word cloud then I can cobble something together.

For user that are using the plugin in new responsive and app crash:

However, will continue to work on my side to see if I can find a workaround.
Thanks for your patience!

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Hi @recouk31 this is an interesting request and should not be too hard to add. I will consider this for next version

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Hi @Jici , i would appreciate some help here.

What means:
The plugin Tag and Word Cloud Generator / element WordCloud threw the following error: Error: Recursion when evaluating property AAE on element “WordCloud A”
at evaluate_property (
at a ( (please report this to the plugin author)

Do you have something in the settings that is related to thenplugin itself like a state ? Can you share your settings?

Hi, iam using populating from a datasourcing, and its loading successfully. The mentioned error is intermittent.(maybe its database runtime timeout)
Would be a nice feature, a workflow box like this, so we can collapse or handle error if The gadget is not rendered.

The plugin is nice, but I find that it’s unreliable… I have cases where the displayed word cloud includes words that should not be there anymore. When debugged, I find that the Text property has been rightfully updated, though. In the example below, “ex-boyfriend” and “Religion”, should not be diaplayed anymore, for instance.

Hi. Can you explain a little bit your case? Do you update live or only on page loading?

I update live, depending on other controls of the page. And, I’ve just noticed that, in certain conditions (which I’m not able to identify but which I can reproduce 100% of the times), the wordcloud crashes the page just after its underlying text has been updated.

This crash is related to the new responsive engine. Plugin was not able to use it correctly until a few weeks ago. I started the update of this one last week so a release for the new engine is coming this week.

I will do some test for the live update. This is not something reported before. Thanks to let me know.

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