Reload page with new parameter

Hi, I am trying to build a reusable menu that feeds on OptionSets to be filled. (so it can be built from the OptionSets and not adding all menus individually)

There are 3 different levels of menus (Menu, SubMenu & SubMenu L2), each of them is a repeating group of OptionSets.

The problem I have is, since, each option is not really a box but a repeating box, I can’t send each one to a specific page, and I can’t set the URL dynamically, any thoughts???

I need to be able to send the user to a page based on information inside the OptionSet (or a workaround)

If you check the box, send more parameters to the page, you can send the specific option selected in the option set. Then on the group on the other page set its source to get the option from the parameter with Bubble’s ‘Get data from url’.

Thanks @williamtisdale !
Yes I already do that, but the problem is: Is there a way to dynamically set the Destination page? since every option in the menu is dynamically set from an option set, I "don’t know " which is the option the user selected…

The only option I can think of is refreshing the page and sending a parameter in the URL, but that is not an option on Bubble (that I know of), my thought so far where:

Option 1: Set Destination dynamically (but I can’t)

Option 2: Refresh page and add a dynamic parameter (but I also can’t)

You could use conditions for this. F.i. navigate to page 2 if option 2 is chosen and navigate to page 3 if option 3 is chosen:





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Or if you want to go more dynamic:

Create an option set like this (pls note extra attribute page):


The dropdown uses the option set:

Add a workflow action “Open external website” and use the option set parameter page in the URL:

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Thanks @gerbertdelangen !!!
Yes, I was leaning towards using conditions as a solution, I believe it is the best way to do it, although I don’t love it hahaha, it will do the trick.
The other solution I believe is a bit messier and also does not allow to easily send URL parameters, but it would also work.
Thanks a lot!!

You’re welcome!

Btw, sending URL-parameters is still possible with solution 2, you just have to define them yourself like this:



Hi there - just launched a feature, so you can change URL parameters more easily! Learn more: [Feature] Enable navigating to a dynamic page