Remove a single item from a list of Things

Hi, I have a file uploader that lets a user upload a PDF to the database. It saves as a list of files as the user can upload several files. On another page I display the list of PDFs in a repeating group, each with a trash bin icon next to it. I can’t figure the workflow on how to delete a single PDF from that list.

Here is the how that field appears in the database:

And the repeating group where the user should be able to delete a single PDF:

I have tried many ways, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Hoping someone can give me an advice :slight_smile:

Hello @rudibakken,

To remove an item from a list, you can use the remove function.

The complete workflow would be something like this;

  • When the trash button is clicked
  • Make a change to the Lesson
  • On the PDF field, remove Current Cell’s PDF

Hope it helps.


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To close out this thread, @rudibakken had reached out via direct message, and we got it figured out. There were multiple group’s named Group Lesson, and that was causing the confusion.

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Thank you @ayfolut for your help! I tried it, and it still wouldn’t resolve. The way you described it is correct though! I got some assistance from @mikeloc on the side on structuring and renaming some of my groups which caused confusion, and it all turned out well.

Thank you guys!

As always, this forum rocks! :slight_smile:

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