Remove dropdown option without affecting the default value

Hello All,

Some context first. I have a dropdown which displays “document types” to users. The list of options varies depending on the user role.

I have two methods which work in removing the items.

See below:


The problem occurs when I populate existing data and the item has a removed document type. The dropdown is empty

Logically this makes sense.

However, I would like users to view (List view) the removed document type without having the option to add it. (Add popup, dropdown)

Hi there, @caseys… I’m not sure if I understand your post because it seems like if a user’s role is Finance, they will never see the Authorization document type, and that means they could never have selected it in the first place so it can’t be the default value for them.

The above being said, it sounds like you don’t want to remove Authorization from the dropdown when a user’s role is Finance, but you don’t want them to be able to select that type. Is that the case? If it is (and for what it’s worth, I don’t think that would be such a good UX), you could consider using the An input’s value is changed workflow event to show the user a message when they select the Authorization type saying they can’t select that type because of their role. Now, if I am the user and I see that message, I immediately think, “Okay, then why in the hell did you put the type in the dropdown if I am not allowed to select it?!?”, but maybe that’s just me.

Any of that make sense? Hope it helps.


Hii @mikeloc , I do understand where you are coming from.
I don’t think I explained it in the best manner.

Let me elaborate on the process.

  • A user with a different role can upload authorization to approve a purchase order.

  • A finance user would need to reconcile and verify the purchase order (As well as ensure the authorization is valid before making the payment)

  • A finance user is not allowed to upload authorization on any purchase orders

  • Finance users still need to upload other relevant documents such as proof of payment

So a finance user needs to be able to interact with a purchase order that has a “status” of authorization, and the dropdown would need to be able to display that status even though the finance user should not be allowed to ever select that option themselves. Is that correct?

Ah blonde moment.

I added another condition which doesn’t remove the authorization doc type when the current cell’s type is authorization.

Considering a finance user cannot edit an existing document’s type - this works.

Thank you - your last reply clicked something in place for me haha