Remove shading on font colours when input field is disabled

I’ve built a social network that allows users to publish posts.

I’ve just created a feature allowing users to edit their posts once published.

I was able to do this by toggling an input menu as an edit state - with the initial content being the post itself.

In order to achieve this, the set state for the input is disabled, which is causing the font colour to be shaded, regardless of the colour code.

Would love to know if there’s a way to remove any font shading to an input field when it’s disabled?

Would appreciate any insights.

If you’re familiar with using CSS inside bubble, you can use CSS to change the font color of only disabled inputs.

For example

input:disabled {
background: #dddddd;

Will target all of your disabled inputs on the page.

Thanks, will give this a go!

How did you go with this… I’m trying to do the same but am unfamiliar with add CSS if you made this work can you let me know how you did it??

Haven’t had any luck as of yet. Also looking to find the best practice for adding CSS.

Will let you know if I make any progress.

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