"When disabled" condition for input style

Would it be possible to have a “when disabled” style option for form elements?


I second this!

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could you use a work around?

Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 2.45.04 PM

just set up the conditional workflows to set the state etc.

Can we add this feature? I would like to have a standard style for disabled inputs.

Disabled inputs theme is also very inconsistent across the board.

  • Drop downs are grayed out text
  • Inputs don’t have grayed out text.
  • Date selection not grayed out and border highlighted when hovered…

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The idea is to set the style for disabled in puts in the styles so the you don’t have to added the disable style to all the inputs on the form.

Thanks for pointing that out. :heart_eyes:

Ah I was running into the same issue again for a new project and even forgot about my own post on this matter. Am I the only one with this problem? Surely disabling inputs is very common?



Annoying to find hacky ways to do this…

I could make it so you can target the input and have conditionals based off whether it’s disabled or not. The only thing is it won’t work in the style editor. I even tried to make my own input and its states don’t go into the style either.

However, I could make a plugin that will see inputs with a specific class or ID and style them based off their state from there (which any CSS could ultimately do, but this would be more convenient and easier to customize).

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Please vote on this idea: Ability to style disabled inputs | Bubble

I’m wasting so much time having to style every single input of my app…

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