Removing Empty Space

I get empty an empty space at the top of the screen when on mobile and I have to scroll first in order to see the content, I need help…

Here’s the display on pc (the way it should display)

Here it is on mobile (I want to remove the empty space)

Are you hiding any group on mobile?
Did you use fixed width or responsive ? For page settings and groups on page?
Can you take full page screen shot or leave link so we can see it

Agree with the above, there is something (group?) pushing the >next element down. Always remember to ‘collapse height’ and keep your aligment tight.

Here’s the link to the editor:

Thank for you suggestions @nomorecode, I’m still struggling to figure out the root problem, perhaps you can also look at the link I provided.

Flipping eck, that editor hurts my head :wink:

You need to pull everything down so it snaps the bottom of your canvas (page). TIP** when using a side FG ensure you snap it to both top and bottom as this is the glue needed to retain -positioning.

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Lol thank you. I’ll definitely try it that way.