[SOLVED] Remove an item from a "List of text" in a repeating group

I decided to make a video (90 seconds) to properly show this: http://philstorage.s3.amazonaws.com/delete-from-list-of-text-repeating-group.mp4

In summary, I have a group with type of content Goal (Goal is a data type from my database). Inside that group, I have a repeating group where I’m showing a field from that data type, called Habit, that’s a “List of texts”.

Here was the only way I managed to get that repeating group data to display (not sure if it’s correct though):

The repeating group…

The input inside the repeating group…

What I’m having trouble with is, when I click the X icon in the repeating group, removing an item from that List of texts. Here are my options, and I can’t figure out where to go from here or whether I did something wrong up above:

21 PM

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hello Philnauta,

I think you can try and select the 4.b in the workflow “make changes to a thing” -> select the type you want to delete and then work from there.

Example: It might not look exactly like this but, something like it.

4.b Group Definitions and Habits’s habit -> x remove current cells text or x remove 4.b Group Definitions and Habits’s habit list of things’s text.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Niklas, that sounds like a good option, but I can’t make it work. All I see for options is this:

08 AM

Here’s another video (30 seconds) showing that: http://philstorage.s3.amazonaws.com/delete-from-list-of-text-repeating-group2.mp4

The thing you want to change will be the “parent” thing, so the Goal which has the list of Habits.

Then remove the text from the Habit list.

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Thank you! Here it is:

51 AM