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Reuseable Element Naming Syncronisation

The field “Page Title” can be edited for pages, but no such filed is editable in the dialogue box for reuseable element. It would be helpful to either cause both to change at the same time or make add the field to the dialogue box as it is in the regular page dialogue.

A page:

A reuseable element:

I’m not sure I follow. If you want to change the name of an element, don’t you just click the name at the top of the property editor and type something different?

yup. works like that for pages. with reuseable elements something squirrely is going on. after editing the name at the top of the property editor it is not consistently applied between the dropdown index, and property editor.

I don’t think a reusable element is considered its own page…

In your example above - the reusable element “sign up…” Would be used in page1 (or whichever page you happen to use it).

the element in the page, popup for example, renames with no issues. the issue i am finding is with the referenced reuseable element, found at the bottom here:

Oh I see.

The reusable elements are kind of on lock down - when viewed from any regular page in the editor.

But if you click on “Signup / Login Popup” (from the drop down in your screenshot) - and then click again on the primary container (ie. your reusable element) - you will be able to change the Title there.

Is that what you are trying to do?

Additional Note
As it sits now - reusable element can only have a singular name.
So for example; if you have “page1” and “page2”
You can not have “page1Signup” and “page2Signup” if they are both the same reusable element - you have to just refer to the reusable element with a general name.

I think I am starting to understand from your perceptive :slight_smile:

i think i was running into a bug. I’ve been trying to recreate it to demo to you guys with no luck.

what would happen is I’d rename the reuseable element. the name in the editor would be the new name but references such as the page index would still show the old name making it hard to keep things straight.

i reverted to an earlier deployment.

thanks for the help. i’ll post again if it happens again in a reproducible way.