Scheduled Reoccuring Emails

Hi! I am currently manually sending emails every week to a list of my clients. I would like to automate this through bubble. What I would need is for a reoccurring email to be sent, every week on Friday at 7:30am. I would need the email to BCC send to a list of emails. The list of emails is held in a data type called “tenant-info” in a field called “email”. All of the tenants will receive the same message at the same time. How would i go about doing this? And am I able to control what email it sends from?

Hi @danieleyny,

This is definitely possible! You’d need to schedule a recursive workflow that runs every Friday at 7:30 AM (im assuming its your timezone).

In regarding to BCC, you can do that, but some ESPs have limits on the number of BCC’d individuals you have in that field. I’d recommend going the approach of just sending an email to everyone. You can do that using batched requests.

I recommend using Postmark as your ESP.