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Displaying multiple order items from a list in repeating group

Hi All,

I would love if someone could help me work through this.

In my database I have Order Items that are able to capture multiple Product IDs in a list.

My aim is to draw these from the order details which I am able to do by constraining them to an Order ID to ensure that they only appear when searched.

I have been able to present both items in the repeating group, however when I capture them they are presented together (as outlined below) and not as two separate items.

I can’t seem to figure out how to separate them so they repeat one after the other. If I put “First Item” after it shows the first item like it should. But is there a way to show the other as well?

Could you use Item Number to specify the second item to display?

Hey Zaque - thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately that is similar to “First item” which will end up dictating one or the other. If I put Number #1 or 2, it will exclude the other. Unless you know a way to have both that doesn’t result in a combined view?

I imagine it is just a function that tells the application to show all items in this list attached to that database. I just don’t know how to do that or whether I need to rewrite the logic to anchor it to those two items.

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Is it always the same number (e.g. 2)? If so, you can just concatenate the results in the data source to show them how you like.

If it’s modular number of items, you could use something like listshifter to concatenate them into a single data field in your database when they are saved and then display the concatenated value?

I actually figured it out. I needed to put the Product ID as the “Type of Content” and then draw from the Order Item: Each Product IDs.

But thank you - one of the videos I was watching from what you recommended above did the trick!