Repeat a workflow

How can I repeat a workflow steps?

For eg.
Step 1. On page load when a condition is true > Show an element. The element has two conditions Yes/ No.
Step 2. If Yes is clicked > Change current page user status to Yes > Go to Step 4
Step 3. If No is clicked > Change current page user to ‘No’ > Go back to Step 1.

Is there some way to repeat a workflow when a certain condition is met/ not met? Can somebody share an example?

have you tried to explore the ionic elements? ionic toggle may be useful for your case

Thanks for the reply and tip.
Somehow Ionic toggle doesn’t seem to fit my case, what it’s doing is replacing the Yes and No buttons with a single toggle switch I guess.
I think it’s again dependent on the way the workflow is set, but that’s where I am stuck. :anguished:

To reiterate, I want to go back to a previous step when a certain condition is met or maybe not met and then repeat the sequence.
Basically in the first step a request is sent to users in the database (Static), one at a time, to accept or reject a request, if the user rejects the request then his status is changed to ‘not available’ and I want the workflow to check again for the next users status.
I think a toggle will not address this requirement.
Any idea please…

I’m not quite sure I follow what you are trying to do but, it sounds like you are trying to show/hide an element based on the current user with a yes/no field?

That’s right @lester, I am showing a popup to the first ‘available’ user, and I need his permission whether he wants to accept or reject a request, if he accepts the work progresses in the desired direction, if he rejects I need to check with next user.

Ok, just to clarify do you want to show it to only one user at a time or to all users that are available?

To one user at a time, in the present setup it is already showing to all the users.

Ok, I think I have a good idea how to set it up but let me test it first and I will get back to you.

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That’s wonderful, eagerly waiting…

Took me a little bit to figure it it but once I got it figured out it was pretty easy easy.

What I did was add a 2 fields to the User, Both field types=list of jobs, one for accepted jobs and another for rejected jobs.

Then on the group where the job is being displayed add a condition. The conditions is- Do a search for users (constraint- available=yes, Rejected jobs doesn’t contain this groups job):first item is current user. then set this element is visible.

Then the reject button does a workflow that make changes to the current user and adds this job to the user rejected jobs.

Hope this help you.

Let me know if you have more questions

Hi Lester,
First of all thank you very much for taking the time to address my concern.
Although the workflow logic mentioned above is immaculate but some how I could not get it to work on my application.
I had to make few minor changes to incorporate those nomenclature but I believe I set them the way you guided, as a result all data is getting updated on the database properly but the end purpose is not getting solved, the job is not getting transferred to the next user.

The reason might also be that I have several other conditions running simultaneously when an activity happens and probably it is conflicting with this new rule.

I was wondering if you could spare some time tomorrow to check my setup and guide me if I share the editor link with you?
I’ll pinpoint the major elements that are interdependent.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Sure I can take a look at tomorrow. You DM the link if you want

Thanks Lester, appreciate the gesture…
Here is the link to the editor,

I just want to explain the workflow that is being followed.

There are three main pages in the application;
Service provider &

  1. A customer selects his choice of jobs from the multiselect dropdown on customer page.

  2. His booking is populated in the ‘Bookings’ database.

  3. Once the customer confirms the booking following action takes place.
    Make changes to bookings> Booking status is ‘Live’

  4. The Service provider page searches for all bookings with status ‘Live’ and then assigns the job to the nearest Service provider, the filter here is based on Service providers Availability, Booking Status, Job Type and Booking locations’ distance from Service providers.

  5. Service request is first presented to nearest service provider and he has the option to accept or reject a booking. When he accepts the workflow moves ahead, if he rejects then second nearest service provider is approached, so on till the time someone accepts the request.

All the above workflow is working just as desired except the last portion of fifth step, if he rejects the request then second nearest service provider is approached

Hope I explained it well, please see if you can make it work as desired.


I took a look at your site and made some changes to the condition on the group on the page. Try deleting the workflow to show the group then try it and see if it works.

Hi @lester,
Thanks for the help, but somehow it still doesn’t work.
I have started to believe that when they say bubble doesn’t support looping functions I guess this is what it means, you can’t go back to a previous step to re-run a sequence, particularly not without pressing a button, is that right @emmanuel? Or maybe if I am wrong then I’ll have to recheck my workflows.
Logically it’s quite simple, I just want to check in a list whether a condition is true or not and stop at a condition which is true.

I had it set up in my own test app with just a condition on the group that shows and it worked for me. It showed it to the first person then when he rejected it, it went to then next one.

Hi Lester,
As suggested I removed all the conditions on the group where results are shown, now it’s sending the request to all, how did you manage to get the one-o-one sequence? Can you please share the editor of your test app?

I deleted some of what I built, I will redo it and share the link.

Here is the link. I just tried it with 4 users and when the first one rejected it, it opened to the second user and kept going.

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The page just keeps refreshing…