Repeated entries - Dynamic choices

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I want to use dynamic choices in a drop-down menu but there are repeated entries. Is there a way to avoid that?



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Yes. Add the “:unique” parameter to the end of your query.

Thank you!

Where exactly? Option Caption? I don’t see that parameter as an option.


I think you’d do it at the “Search for Rubrics” level, under Choices Source.

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Currently the dropdown is selecting from individual items of the table Rubric, so :unique won’t change anything, because there are no duplicates.

From the screenshot of the page, it looks like you really want the user to select from different values of Assessment, to be used to constrain a search on Rubric in the repeating group.

To do this, change the dropdown:
Type of choices: to the same type as Assessment, which is probably type “text”,
Choices source: Search for Rubrics’s Assessment:unique
Option caption: Current option

Then alter the repeating group to constrain Assessment by dropdown’s value.

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Problem solved. Thank you!

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