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Repeating Group: 'Allow more than one column when stretched'

I’m trying to have a grid of picture stretch all the way across the page or parent group (i.e., multiple columns) and as a full list (i.e., multiple rows). I’ve read that I should be able to make this happen by having a repeating group with a “Full List” and the box, “Allow more than one column when stretched,” checked.

I’m able to have more than 1 column added, but the columns won’t continue to be added for the full width of the parent element (which is what I’d want).
Here’s my set-up for my page:

Here’s my set-up for the repeating group:

Here’s my set-up for the image inside the repeating group:

Here’s how it looks in preview:

I’d like it to go the full width of the page, which I can weirdly make happen if I make the whole page width 300, which gets me the preview below:

Thanks so much to anyone who can help me! This is one of my first posts, so please let me know if I’m doing anything wrong here.

I’m currently having the same issue. Did you ever find a solution or does anyone else have a solution for this? The repeating group Im using only has one column.

EDIT: I supose the answer is use the new responsive system thats in beta :slight_smile:

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The other option (not as fun) is building it that wide to start and then creating the ability for the element to be responsive all the way down to mobile.

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So far Im liking it! its a little finicky just because its new but does seem nice so far :grin:

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The option “allow more than one column if stretched” disappeared with the new responsive beta system. I am trying to figure out how to build a resopnsive RG with the new “responsive” beta :wink: Without this function not sure if it is possible…

@tobias2 Can you explain how you would like it to be responsive? And what’s going on with your current setup?

Thanks for your follow-up. I figured out a work-around. Just saying, if bubble removes options it would be good if the manual stated how that (missing) option can be implemented in the new responsive design. The solution to the now missing “allow more than one column if stretched” is to configure the RG as row.