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Repeating group and user experience of horizontal scrolling

Hello !!

I’m using the horizontal scrolling functionnality inside a repeating and I want to know how to improve the view,
As you can see below I have a repeating group with 2 column

When I use the preview I can see it like that

Problem is, I have 3 items here and the user don’t see the third one, which from a user experience point of view is really bad, I want to keep this size of cells on my repeating group but let the user see directly that there is a third one
Something like that

Is there a solution for that ?

Hi @romain.hetzel !

Took me a second but I figured this one out.

  1. Create the first vertical repeating group (looks like you already have this)
  2. Created the horizontal repeating group inside the first cell of the first repeating group (looks like you have this too)
  3. Make the horizontal repeating group go past the right side of the vertical repeating group by using the Width controls in the inspector
    Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 12.03.07 PM

Here’s a look of what it will look like in the editor:

Hope this helps!

  • Alex

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