Horizontal Repeating Group

How to show two and a half columns in the horizontal repeating group, i.e. like this:

I can make them two or three columns like here:

But I can’t make it two and a half.

I think this is important because it gives an indication that there is a horizontal scrolling.


You could just hide the 1/2 with some shape ?


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If we hide it, the last item will not shown fully.

I mean hide the right part of the RG :slight_smile:, above itself, not hiding any item of the RG.

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I noticed that “fixed-width” option is related directly to this issue, my problem has been resolved when I unchecked it, I will explain what I discovered :slight_smile:

First case: “no fixed width”:


Second case: “fixed width”:


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Haha ok, I didn’t even know “horizontal scrolling” was a feature…

So, thanks to you :slight_smile:


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Thanks for you :slight_smile:

Make sure you “wrap” the Repeating Group within a parent Group with a set maximum width (“Set a maximum when page is expanded”), which I think it might already be, I can’t tell by the screenshots. Reason is, any one with a large monitor will be able to see the full RG and defeat your intended purpose.

Another alternative was to overlay the RG cell with another image, like a transparent png gradient, set it not visible on load, and then in the conditional set it to visible if current cell’s index >= 3 or equivalent.

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