Repeating group data displays temporary


I built calculator app and want to display all user calculation in repeating group permanently… how can I do it??

they disappear every time ? the data is dynamically changes everytime (so they are not static data I created in the database)

see my video here for more explanation

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I thought you could help with this:

Hey Lina…

I think the following steps can help you.

  1. you have used “do a search” in other three fields, instead of that make all fields of RG(repeating group) as “current cell’s patient’s…(the field you want to add)”
    (as you have done for the patients last name)
  2. for setting currency do as shown in the image.

    for that set the “overall rate” as number in the database.
    So you want need to write $ sign.

Try this, i think it should work for you.
and if not, let us know.

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Hi there, @lina.abusultan… I had a couple of thoughts after watching your video, and the first one is what @Sart mentioned about the searches you are doing in the repeating group. You should rarely need to do searches in a repeating group, and instead, you should refer to a thing’s field like you are doing with the Current cell's patient's Patient Last Name.

The other thing I noticed is that you have privacy rules set up on the Patient data type, and I am wondering if those rules are getting in the way of the data being shown in the repeating group. Have you checked to makes sure your privacy rules are aligned with the result you are trying to achieve?


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what do you think the privacy rule should be in this case??

Well, first, I would remove the privacy rules you have in place to see if that is the reason why the data is not showing up in the repeating group. Then, it’s a question of what you are trying to accomplish with the privacy rules. Who is supposed to be able to see (or not see) that data?

it working now but I think there is problem with contracting the repeating group

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