Data in repeating group = not visible

my first app:
i want to display data (firstname + name) of data type “customers” in a repeating group
a) i am logged in with email [email protected]
b) there a 2 customers in database: Tyson Fury + Anthony Joshua (see screenshot)
c) i set up “repeating group” referring to “customers” > search for customes (see screenshot)
d) i set up “text field” referring to "current cells customerss “firstname” + “name” (see screenshot)

when i go to preview there is no data visible ??? (see screenshot)
e) additional: i set up text field referring to “current user`s email” >>> data visible (see screenshot"

what can i do to make data in repeating group visible?

many thank for help in advande!!!

Are there any constraints on your Customer search?

no constraints …

In that case check the privacy settings for the Customer datatype.

Check the privacy rules tab. There may be a privacy rule enabled on that data type which prohibits bubble from displaying the data. Check the condition. Or just delete the privacy rule until you need it.

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… there was a privacy rule - i removed it - works fine now - thank you so much !!!

… there was a privacy rule - i delete it - works perfect now - thank you very much !!!

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Have literally just spent 10 minutes doing exactly the same…


Oh, it is the “new” automated privacy rule setup.


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