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Repeating group source data (solved)

I have a repeating group that references a “Thing’s field”. It shows fine. The “Thing” has another field which is a reference to “OtherThing”. When I call “Thing’s OtherThing’s name” nothing is returned. I don’t see an issue with the data privacy. Suggestions?

What is the list you’re wanting to return in the repeating group? A list of Other Things’ names or a list of Things and in each cell display that cell’s Thing’s Other Thing’s name?

Repeating group search:

It’s hard to tell but what’s the Data Type of the repeating group that the RepeatingGroup_sRFX is in? Is the RepeatingGroup_sRFX referring to the cell data that it is in in any way? Can you share a link to the editor?

*If those constraints are trying to pull the same results of the cell that the RepeatingGroup_sRFX is in, you can change the data source from doing a search for, to “Current Cell’s[OtherThing]'s [Field that is Type SOWresponse]”? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the interest. I created live dummy accounts and logged in to the live app to see how it looked. Data shows fine. Submitted the issue as a bug report for the preview mode.