Display multiple data types in one repeating group

Hello, I’m pretty new to Bubbles and I am trying to achieve the following result (so far, no luck). I was wondering if you have any suggestions.
I have an app where users can create different “items”, but these “items” belong to different categories (this is crucial, because each category has different “options” or descriptors, if you get what I mean:
i.e. one of the categories could be “house” and this will have “no of rooms”, “square meters” and “no of bathrooms”, while another category might be “smartphone” and this will have “screen size”, “touchscreen” (yes/no) and “camera megapixel”. There are however some fields "house"s and "smartphone"s have in common, let’s say “name”, “price” and “photo”. So I am doing a data type called “house” and a data type called “smartphone”, but I would like to display in a repeating group a list of the names, prices and photos of all the items, both houses and smartphones.
I don’t know if what I’m trying to do is clear, but could you please give some advice? I can’t seem to make it work (I am trying to make a master data type called “items” which has lists of houses and smartphones as fields, but I don’t seem to be able to display the items in the repeating group!

Thank you

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you cant have multiple data types as a repeating group ‘type of content’

Change your data structure or create two different repeating groups that are displayed on condition by an interface.

You cannot do that. What you can do is set up multiple groups and set the layout accordingly

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