Repeating Group Displaying No Data or All Data

This is probably obvious to most but here we go:

Building a review app. On the company review page there is a submit review button, user is brought to review submission page for the company.

Workflow is set to crate a new thing (review) that just has review title and summary of experience.

review is submitted/thing created (successfully per the data page) but it is not appearing on the repeating group on the original company page.

If I update the data source to be a list of reviews it’ll pull them in but it shows reviews for all companies.

I know the answer is right in front of my face.

Are you using any constraints or privacy rules?

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Start by double checking your Data content and Data Sources from the Page itself, then the group the repeating group may be in and the repeating group itself. If all the Data sources are good, your dynamic expression needs to be on “current cells” Whatever. Hope that helps, Jo

None, but good thought

Thank you, I think I Have but it doesn’t hurt to go back!