Repeating group displaying search results

Hello, I am trying to enable a repeated group to display the search results of a user every time I try it just shows me everything in the database.

show us your data source for the RG

So you are searching for all Medical products with no constraints. That’s why you get all Medical products :slight_smile:

yea just corrected that thanks for notifying me but is there an alternative apart from the search box elements because it only allows you to search on one field only i want to search on multiple fields.

First of all, if you’d like to search using only one “search box” field - it is possible with an input element and Fuzzy search plugin (it makes possible to search via multiple fields)
Also you can make a set of input elements (dropdowns, checkboxes and so on) and use their values to narrow down your search results.

thank you but with the fuzzy search plugin it doesn’t allow you to use a field which is an option set one of the fields i want to use is an option set.

so then you should make a separate element (dropdown, for example) to choose something from option set and use it to filter search results