Repeating Group : dynamic filtering

In an online shop, search results are to be shown as in the below image.

My objective 1 is to enable dynamic filtering of the searched products when the target price slider is adjusted. (The price range is between the lowest and the highest prices from the search result). So, once a certain price is set, the search results are filtered in the order of prices (the closest price to the target to the top).

The 2nd objective is to enable users to filter the products again by the brands within the filtered by price.

Could anyone help me with how to configure these?

Hi there, @yj.johnrhee… as luck would have it, there was a good example just the other day of filtering a repeating group with a slider… check out this thread.

As far as the brands are concerned, I’m thinking you could add the selected brands to a custom state (list), and then you could have a constraint on the repeating group’s data source (it might need to be an advanced filter) that looks to see if the custom state contains a product’s brand.

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc. Thanks again. I checked the post you referred to learn it very straightforward. But, still I am having difficulty because I want to use a single point rather than a range and want to display the prices closest to the target price. What is the operator that I need to use for this case?

Hmm, how are you defining closest? I mean, that’s still a range, right? For example, if you want prices that are within, say, 50 cents (either way) of the slider’s value, then you would have two constraints.

I could easily be misunderstanding your question, though.

Yep. You make sense better than what I was wanting. It’s still a range.

BTW, what kind of :advanced feature do I need to use if I want to re-filter with brands from price-filtered RG?

I’m not sure what you mean by advanced feature… although, I had mentioned an advanced filter, so maybe that caused some confusion.

Continuing my initial example, I have an option set that defines the brands, and I have a custom state (called brand list) on the repeating group that stores a list of brands as the user clicks the brands. With that setup in place, adding the third constraint below (no advanced filter needed) should do the trick.

Oh… my misunderstanding. Thanks for showing how-to’s. I am not sure if replicating this will work because the brands are dynamically extracted from the RG, in my case.

Anyway, I appreciate your continuous help. Any means to buy you a coffee :laughing:?

Thanks, but no need… happy to try to help.

I’m not sure what you mean by the brands are dynamically extracted from a repeating group, and I don’t know what that screenshot is meant to show. I assume you are adding constraints to a repeating group of products, and if you have a repeating group of brands that is supposed to constrain the repeating group of products, I think this constraint could work.

Sorry if I am way off here, but without knowing exactly how you have everything set up, it’s kind of difficult to piece it all together to come up with something that might work for you.

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