Repeating group either or condition per row

I have a repeating group that needs to show a list based on an either or condition. I may be phrasing this wrong, so putting the exact details below.

Data Types:

  • Learning Journey
  • Organization
  • User


  • If Learning Journey - Published = Yes; and
  • If Learning Journey - Limit to Organization = No; then include in repeating group
  • If Learning Journey - Limit to Organization = Yes; and
  • If Learning Journey - Published = Yes; and
  • If Learning Journey - Related Organization contains Current User’s Organization: first item; then also include in repeating group

How can I include rows that match either of the above scenarios above in one repeating group? Appreciate any help.

I’m not gonna parse your logic for you, but here’s what you need to know:

Conditions in a single search are logically ANDed together. To do an OR condition, set up a search1 with the left hand OR conditions and a search2 with the right hand OR conditions and :merge them together.

So construct your search expressions with this in mind. With the parentheses “experimental” feature turned on you could even write a very complex search in a single expression builder expression.

Ok thank you that’s plenty for me me to work with. I missed that merge could be used this way and am using the parentheses feature elsewhere.

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