Using "and" & "or" like structures in repeating group(solved)

I have a table that records the orders coming to the factory called ORDER-TABLE.

I want to create a repeating group that show all:

  1. Incomplete orders
  2. Being a printed type or being of ItemCategory “Tote” or Category

t the moment all the constraints work together in buble how can I create a condition that either one or the other needs to be true for the repeating group? Also, creating more than one categories for the results?

Is this possible, if not I guess I have no option but to put a conditional when the order is created before the order arrives on the ORDER-TABE and have a field called CustomCondition that is yes or no.


I think this can not be easily done with one repeating group.

But what you can do is: Have more than one repeating group and show/hide them based on which conditions you want to use. You can use a custom state to define which conditions is currently active.

So in your case you would have 3 repeating groups: first checking if completed = yes, second checking if printed = yes and third checking if catergory is in a list of categories (you could use a state do define which categories you want to include).

Actually this is easily done by merging searches. The data source of the repeating group can be Search for Orders (complete = no, printed = yes) merged with Search for Orders (complete = no, ItemCategory = Tote)

Merging searches gives you your OR feature. Try it out.

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Great, that worked!..thanks

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