Repeating Group Error Using Constraints

Hi all,

I have a page where a user searches for a player, inputs data on that player, and types comments on that player. On another page, a user searches a player and can see all the inputted data on that player, as well as all the comments related to that player.

The issue: I am unable to filter out the comments related to that player, and instead it shows all the comments that have ever been commented. I am using a repeating group to display the comments. I then did the Data Source of “Comments” (i.e. the name in my database for comments), and then filter it based on the type of comment (example: Strategy Worked, Strategy Didn’t Work, Additional Comment), and then filter it once more based on the Related Player (i.e. a field under the Comments datatype). The way I try and filter it by the Related Player is by making the Related Player = SearchBox Player’s value’s unique ID (the Related Player’s unique ID is equal to the unique ID of the player that the user typed in the Search Box at the top of the page).

The issue: Bubble doesn’t let me do this and is asking for more information.

An idea of what I am doing wrong? I have attached screenshots of the issue.

Any response is appreciated!!

Use Related Player = SearchBox Search Player’s value (assuming Related Player and SearchBox Search Player both have the same data type). What is the data type for Related Player? What are the SearchBox data type settings? They need to match.

I kid you not: 2 seconds after I realized I should search for the Player’s value [overall] and not the Unique ID, I got a Google notification that you had replied with the solution.

It worked! I was also not calling the information from the correct search box (the Search Box where they typed the player’s name is called “Player” and not “SearchBox Search Player”, so you’re response led me to seeing that error)

Thank you so much!

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Haha, glad it worked!

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